Interior and Exterior Lighting

Power to People provide an expert service for all your interior and exterior lighting needs throughout Guildford and surrounding areas.

Down lights | Security Lights | Wall Lighting | Decking & Patio Lights | Internet and App controlled lighting systems

The introduction of LED lights has revolutionised our ability to light spaces, like never before. LED lights are 80% more efficient at producing light than their halogen or filament counterparts. This makes them extremely energy efficient in the domestic or commercial setting. At Power to People we have taken the time to understand the possibilities that different lighting can achieve and can talk you through ideas and options that can make an ordinary space extraordinary. These options don’t just apply to indoor lighting, gardens, driveways, patios etc can all be lit with the newest ranges of external lights

In addition to the numerous lighting options that are now available, its now possible to control any of your lighting using a simple app!

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For all your internal and external lighting solutions.


  • Internet and app controlled lighting systems
  • Lighting design and installation
  • Decking, Pathway¬†& Patio Lights






Because our background is different from the norm, we set ourselves high professional standards. Our workmanship is of a very high standard, as you would expect, but its our customer service that sets us apart. if you call us, we will call you back. If we agree on a date and time to meet, we will be there. When we provide an estimate, its as accurate as it can be. No surprises. If we need to discuss something, we will, as soon as it is sensible to do so. We are ethical and transparent in all that we do.



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